Mombella Dancing Elephant Blue BPA Latex Free Safe Silicone Baby Teether Toy for Mouth Explore, Hand-Mouth Connection Toy for 3-7M Chewing&Biting Baby with a clip Price: $7.00 (as of 06/08/2020 03:44 PST- Details)

By 3-4Months, baby has improved suck-swallow-breathe co-ordination, there?s more space between the structures in the mouth and throat, baby is using 3-dimensional sucking pattern, can mouth for longer time, start to bite toys, also can bring toys to mouth.
Help your baby to hold and mouth on tether toys for biting and chewing will helps your baby learn to use the jaw, lips and tongue independently of one another. This is very important in baby’s mouth structure development.
5-6m baby will use mouth to learn about textures, shape, temperature, and sizes of toys, it is critical your baby have safe and appropriate toys during this learning period.Children who don’t have enough mouthing are often late in speech development.